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Developments in Social Media

The presentation of the owner of Gong Gong Communications was a success. The presentation was on developments in social media, and covered more than I expected. The speaker discussed various changes, which take place in social media, and what opportunities come with them. The speaker emphasised that social media presence is expected to last long, and that only those, who get along with the social media will benefit from it.

The Millennial presence in social media is high. The Millennials are people, whose age ranges between 20-33 years, and who experienced the development social media has gone through. With a high percentage of the Millennials using the social media, there is a huge market opportunity to engage and thrive in business. To have a share of Millennial target market, certain questions need to be researched and addressed. There is a need for identifying who, how, why, where,when and what is driving that network. Addressing these questions will help to gather a portion of the market. The Millennial market is large with its presence in both national and international zones. While marketing products to Millennials, there is need to understand their manifesto. The manifesto of Millennial is unique, with particular needs topping up the list.

The use of inbound marketing such as blogs, videos and outbound marketing such as pop-up ads is essential. A share of Millennial market is achievable in case these strategies are used. The Millennial presence in social media exists over various platforms. Some of these are Facebook, with the highest number of users, and Instagram. Gong Gong Communications (2012) assert that people are ought to adopt to the technological changes in their lifestyles. Gong Gong Communications has filled an existing gap, and is now offering lessons of social media usage and marketing for small businesses. The use of software is also included in the offered courses. These courses are essential for people, who are not acquainted with basics of social media usage.